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Missing Link is a modern martial arts concept based on Karate and Kung Fu principles. Compatible with most traditional martial arts, it is focused on modern application. Our lively community offers dojos in across Europe, regular seminars and online training. Our unique grading system makes individual development the centre of the learning experience and makes sure that the Community constantly develops its knowledge, integrating the expertise of every student and practitioner

If you are an experienced martial artist:

Governing Bodies and martial arts associations often limit the development of practitioners and their art. Politics and power struggles are damaging. 

Traditional systems often lack flexibility and get stuck in outdated ideas and philosophies. 
Modern systems often lack depths.
Competition systems often are very limited.  

Leave the Martial Arts Mainstream. 
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Where your hard work counts as much as your ideas. 
Where community counts more than ego. 
Where exploring is more important than obeying. 


Self Defence, Conflict Management and Mental Health

A common reason to start martial arts: The wish to prepare for the worst and get rid of fears in a world that seems to become less secure and more dangerous. A legit reason to search for skills in self defense, yet also a possible trap to step into. Learning self defense is hard work and often painful, and it needs solid teaching and intelligent approaches. There are so simple solutions and no short cuts. The first step is to ask: What is my actual goal? 


Good martial arts will approach the issue from a comprehensive perspective. What is our real fear? What conflicts do we actually encounter in real life? What solutions are realistic and really helpful for me? How do I cope with stress and pressure? Martial arts addresses the whole person, unlike any other physical training, with body and mind. Here is a little additional information from our blog:


Health & Fitness

Physical activity is medicine. It can cure illnesses, and it is always great prevention. But martial arts is more than just fitness. Good martial arts teach you to treat your body so it will be with you for a long life, not only for a few years of peak performance. The challenge is to not give up on training as soon as the wear and tear of advancing age sets in.

The key to this are the traditional Asian methods of connecting  body and mind. They work for every age, they are highly individual, and they are not just fun, but a holistic learning system with a mindful focus. Martial arts can be lifelong and intelligent. 

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Tradition and modern application

The traditional Asian Martial Arts have much to offer with their rich heritage of knowledge and philosophy – a practical approach with ideas derived from Buddhism, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These arts are of another time however, and certain aspects of these systems no longer apply to our modern age. Missing Link Martial Arts takes traditional wisdom and brings it forward in time with up to date methods of health, fitness, conflict management, de-escalation and self defence. 

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Shape your training to your needs

The Missing Link concept doesn't squeeze students into a set system of rules and techniques from another time. We are providing a provides a flexible, comprehensive introduction to martial arts, and a door to our Okuden/Kaiden Curriculum, designed to help practitioners develop their individual mastership in a creative, open minded way. Missing Link stands for life long martial arts, not short term athletic challenge.

The challenge of modern life

Modern life is exciting. The lifestyle of mankind has changed at speed of light in the last century, and it still seems to become faster. The problem is that this brings a loss of connection between body and mind in modern society. The pandemic of 2020/2021, bringing phyical distancing and life at home for prolonged times, made the problem even worse. Humans need more physical experiences again. That includes the awareness of the body. But also conflict and aggression, empathy and responsibility.

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