Is Karate for you? 
It is.

There is no better source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts. That applies to both body and mind. Get to know your body, challenge yourself and find partners that help you to discover ways to well-being even under stress.

Martial Arts is the answer to many of the issues we face everyday in a modern world. This begins with ailments like back-ache and does not end even with hands-on matters of coping with stress and managing conflicts.

And the best thing: Martial Arts is for you. A good teacher will help you to find your best training, at your speed, be it one step at a time to get fit or massive leaps with daily training to stand your ground in challenging situations. 

Where can you train?

Missing Link Martial Arts Scotland started its first schools in Glasgow, East Kilbride and Edinburgh. Get in touch
via if you are interested. But even if there isn't a school yet close to you, you can attend seminars and events or use our Online Dojo as an addition to your martial arts training in other styles.

Chinese Roots - Japanese Karate- Modern Applications

Missing Link Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. At the centre of training is the actual fighting; in an intelligent way that offers lifelong practice with ongoing rewards far beyond the peak time of athletic challenges. We care for realism, health and fitness.

We are moving beyond the limits of traditional martial arts by creating an open community, not bound to lineages or styles. We are preserving the advantages of deeply rooted traditional knowledge, not going for a combat-only or competitive approach.