Missing Link Martial Arts is an international research community. 

We merge realism and tradition. A concept of learning and teaching that addresses the Missing Links between traditional martial arts and modern application.

  • We connect Japanese Karate at the foundation to its roots in China,
    making it more versatile and comprehensive.
    We offer the fusion of internal and external martial arts.

  • Missing Link is an international community of curious, open minded Karateka and other martial artists who practice ShoShin – the beginner’s mind. The community doesn’t waste much time on politics, but focuses on learning and teaching instead.

  • The Missing Link Online Dojo offers regular classes online. 

  • For members, the Missing Link Online Resources feature a growing database of knowledge created by our community. 

  • The community offers offline events, seminars, gradings and support.

Researching the knowledge and the depths of martial arts.
Connecting ancient wisdom to the 21st century

We are moving beyond the limits of traditional martial arts by creating an open community, not bound to lineages or styles. Missing Link is a modern martial arts concept based on Karate and Kung Fu principles. Compatible with most traditional martial arts, it is focused on modern application. Our lively community offers regular seminars, online training (plus videos) and dojos in multiple locations across Europe. A unique grading system puts individual development in the front of the learning experience and makes sure that the Community constantly develops its knowledge, integrating the expertise of every student and practitioner.

Body and Mind

Our minds are challenged constantly by modern times. Through the lens of reason and logic, we are bombarded by consumerism and endless information that steadily detaches us from our emotions. Physical training can be an effective solution to this problem, provided it is holistic, intelligent and lifelong – and not just about athletic peak performance. Missing Link Martial Arts offers healthy, intelligent and lifelong training of body and mind.

Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Karate is a sophisticated, dynamic, and streamlined physical form of empowerment: it's the Japanese garden of Martial Arts, beautiful and ordered, yet often lacking the depth and versatility of its Chinese Roots. We want to open doors to the intense jungle of realistic combat. Missing Link Martial Arts connects Japanese Karate to its powerful Chinese Roots.

Tradition and Modern application

Modern martial arts have to reflect the requirements of a modern lifestyle. Health, fitness, conflict management, de-escalation and self defence are an important part of the Missing Link system. We connect the traditional Asian Martial Arts and their rich rich heritage of knowledge and philosophy to the 21st century.